Left Brain, Right Brain


I have always been fascinated with the left brain versus right brain dominance theory. The traditional theory states that each side of the brain controls different types of thinking and learning. While the left hemisphere is associated with logic, analytical skills, and objectivity, the right hemisphere is largely associated with creativity, intuition, emotional responses, and subjectivity.

This theory evolved out of split-brain research during epilepsy studies in the 1940’s by neuropsychologist, Roger Wolcott Sperry. Sperry later won the 1981 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The lateralizing of brain function also greatly affects stroke patients. My personal connection with this research came about when my own grandmother suffered a stroke. She lost the ability to speak. As difficult as this was to witness, the complexity of the human brain became paramount. Despite her inability to communicate through spoken words, my granny rebounded one day, and burst out into song! She couldn’t speak but she could sing.

Fascinating. Overwhelming. Miraculous.

While some people assert that the left brain/right brain dominance theory has been largely over-generalized, stories like this bring us back to pondering about the brain’s complexity. Overall, we need both parts of our brains and both ways of thinking to be successful. As we continue to learn about the brain, we realize how important it is to harness our strengths.

C – calm vs chaos
A – analytical vs artsy
S – straightforward vs sassy
E – elegant vs erratic
Y – yearning vs yelling

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4 Responses to Left Brain, Right Brain

  1. mummyshymz says:

    Your granny is an example of a miracle 🙂

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