Respect Yourself, Respect Others


In light of recent events, I feel compelled to write about human decency and respect.

I want to live in a world where human beings treat each-other like people and not like toys, objects, blow-up dolls, or animals. I want to live in a world where young girls can voice their opinions and concerns and not be ostracized, shamed, de-humanized, or disrespected. I want to live in a world where young boys stand up for what is right and stop violence against women. I want these boys and girls to understand what abuse means, what the lasting effects are, and how to stop the cycle of abuse.

Where does this perfect world exist?

It exists within our own capable hands.

WE have the power to shape society’s views and make real changes. We have the power to change the view that “she asked for it” that “she was just drunk” that “she was a slut” into “she said no” and “she is a human being” and “she has value”. Why do we have to change our views? Because the unauthorized violation of a human body is rape. No human being should be violated in this way. No human being deserves to be violated in any circumstance. Ever.

How do we reach you? How do we teach you?

It starts with self-respect. Respect your body and your mind. Know that you are important and that you are responsible for yourself and your own conscious actions. Respecting yourself leads to respecting others. Learn how to stand up for your rights and the rights of your friends, your family, your future. Stand up against perpetrators of violence and abuse to make your voice heard. Do this because you respect yourself and you respect other human beings.

I want to live in the world that values equality and promotes human decency.

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