Enjoying the Simple Things

Soup for the Soul

Back in January, I started to think about what my resolution for 2013 would be. I decided that I would start enjoying and appreciating the little things more often. Sometimes I get caught up in wanting bigger and better things and stuff. Meaningless stuff. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I want to focus on the things that make me happy. It’s the little gestures and simple pleasures that really add up to brighten your day. Treasuring and appreciating these little moments can have a big impact on you overall attitude and outlook.

Enjoying the Simple Things in the Winter:

1) Kissing in the glittery falling snow
2) Savouring the last bite of chocolate cake. Smile.
3) Warming my hands on the perfect cup of tea. Just breathe.
4) Reuniting with friends. Sharing love and laughs.
5) Dancing in the kitchen
6) Looking up to see a clear blue sky. Hopeful.
7) Cuddling! My happy place.
8) The first bite of homemade bread. Fresh and warm.
9) Wooly socks.
10) Homemade soup to soothe the soul.

I’m looking forward to making a new list for Spring! Every time I read it, it makes me smile and remember.

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