Comment #3:

My most recent comment is in response to an article entitled, “Speakers, turn ‘interruptions’ into opportunities” posted on Here are my thoughts:

Blog Comment

Comment #2:

I responded to another article posted on This one is entitled, “5 ways to humanize your writing”. I was immediately drawn to this title because I sometimes have trouble “personalizing” my own writing. However, I found that this topic is slightly different than what I though it would be! Here is my comment:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 5.23.30 PM

Comment #1:

I found an interesting PR article at entitled, “Why controversies might be good for brands – study”.

Many companies and brands are choosing to take stands on political issues such as gay marriage and contraception coverage in order to portray a certain image and attract certain customers.

I wrote the following response:

Screen Shot Blog Comment 1

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