Tricks of the Trade: Throw Some Fireworks on the Cover!

Karine Perrin Fireworks

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karine Perrin, Account Manager at Direct Focus Marketing Communications, for a brief phone interview this afternoon. Karine and I met through our mutual friend, Carley English earlier this year and have since kept in touch with a common interest in marketing and communications.

Our focus this afternoon was to talk about a project that Karine has been particularly proud to work on. Without revealing too many company secrets, I will do my best to explain the tactics involved in carrying out a Canada Day campaign for a major Canadian bank.

The main task-at-hand for Karine is to support her client in maintaining consistent branding, messaging, and positioning (both internal and external) throughout the campaign. In order to do so, Karine is involved in distributing promotion materials and resources in boxed “kits” to all 1,000 bank branches across Canada. The kits are targeted at employees and branch managers who will set up and decorate their individual branches and interact with the public regarding the campaign topic.

The kits include various promotional giveaway items, branch decor items, resources and instructions for employees and branch managers, as well as other communication pieces and materials to engage the public. The campaign team is also working on sending out communication pieces, developing table-top signs, hosting a marketing network portal, and submitting magazine articles. The overall goal is to set up every branch in the same manner with the exact same materials across Canada.

Karine’s biggest takeaway from this project has been learning how to effectively juggle client expectations and project management demands. Although it sounds like a lot of hard work, there are certainly some rewarding moments and a lot of creative input.

“We present a variety of concepts to the client – one more standard design and one more out-of-the-box. That’s when I suggest throwing fireworks on the cover!” Karine certainly knows how to brighten up a campaign with her energy, creativity, and determination. Karine’s major piece of advice is to always strive to keep your client happy.

I can’t wait to see all of Karine’s hard work on display this July 1st!

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2 Responses to Tricks of the Trade: Throw Some Fireworks on the Cover!

  1. carley1111 says:

    Great piece, Casey. Karine is a stud, and so are you!! x

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