Brick by Brick

Image Credit: Casey Fletcher

Image Credit: Casey Fletcher

As I look back on everything that I have learned about public relations, what excites me the most is the idea of building a brand and maintaining strong brand recognition.

It is both challenging and rewarding to build something up from scratch and watch it take on a life of it’s own.

However, it is important to remember that the success and glory does not just happen over night. There is a lot of strategy, planning, constructing, and managing going on behind the scenes. Every brick in the foundation counts.

Gaining positive publicity and staying ahead of the curve takes constant and continuous effort.

We interact with all types of brands on a daily basis, consciously and unconsciously. The aim of public relations is to break through the clutter to persuade you (the public) to maintain a certain view about these brands and the companies behind them. PR professionals work hard to communicate company objectives, key messages, and official views on relevant issues. Managing the spread of information and leveraging popular topics to gain exposure takes time and resources.

It’s a good thing we have guidelines in place in order to navigate through the world of PR. Here are a few of my favourite take-away tips:

  1. Understand your audience – including interests, needs, and wants
  2. Build and manage relationships with key influencers and stakeholders
  3. Create a consistent story around the product, company, or service
  4. Focus on integration and communication between company departments
  5. Research, research, research
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