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Brick by Brick

As I look back on everything that I have learned about public relations, what excites me the most is the idea of building a brand and maintaining strong brand recognition. It is both challenging and rewarding to build something up from … Continue reading

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Capture My Interest

When you think of the most successful public relations campaigns that you have witnessed over the years, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, the most successful campaigns are attention-grabbing. There has to be an element of … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade: Throw Some Fireworks on the Cover!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karine Perrin, Account Manager at Direct Focus Marketing Communications, for a brief phone interview this afternoon. Karine and I met through our mutual friend, Carley English earlier this year and have since kept in touch with … Continue reading

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How to Avoid a PR Disaster

When taking on a new Public Relations (PR) project, it is tempting to jump right ahead to tactical ideas. However, this can and will most likely lead to a huge PR disaster. The number one way to avoid a PR nightmare is … Continue reading

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